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Film: The American Dream and other Fairytales

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TORSDAG 27. OKTOBER 2022 KL 18.00

VARIGHET: 1t 27min

Abigail Disney looks at America's dysfunctional and unequal economy and asks why the American Dream has worked for the wealthy, yet is a nightmare for people born with less. As a way to imagine a more equitable future, Disney uses her family's story to explore how this systemic injustice took hold. 

Alarmed by the growing economic inequality in American society, Abigail Disney, granddaughter of The Walt Disney Co. co-founder Roy O. Disney – and a direct beneficiary of its corporate policies – examines how the company her family built could do better by its employees. The employees of Disneyland are generating enormous wealth for shareholders and CEOs while earning barely enough to feed their families — a situation Abigail Disney wants to do something about.

You may recognize Abigail Disney from the media, where she on several occasions has made the seemingly un-American case that her country is not taxing her enough! 

Following this interesting fact, Peter Debruge wrote about this documentary film in Variety: «With that in mind, it makes a powerful statement when a member of one of America’s most respected families steps forward and demands change, not unlike the way Mary L. Trump speaks out against her uncle Donald. It’s even harder to ignore when this Disney descendant provides the public an entertaining, easy-to-digest film to explain the inequality hiding in plain sight. One of great-uncle Walt’s greatest strengths was his ability to take the complexity of the real world and simplify it so even children could understand. Here, Abigail does the same.»